Anna Zeng (President) is a fourth-year grad student who'd fallen in love with swing dancing during an undergrad internship in New York City; she's helped start up the Stanford Swing Dancers (SSD) and managed a visit to the Herrang Dance Camp before starting at MIT. Anna loves leading, following, and switch dancing; in addition, she is thrilled to partake in West Coast Swing, salsa/chata, Argentine tango, fusion/blues, and historical waltz/polka/etc when she gets the chance.
A photo of Daniel Mark.

Daniel Mark (Treasurer) is a third-year graduate student in physics. Originally from Singapore, he first started dancing west coast swing in college, then began dancing Lindy Hop upon relocating to the east coast. He is excited about spreading the joy of social dancing in a safe environment!

Dominika Durovcikova (Outings Coordinator) is a third year astrophysics PhD student. She found her love for swing dancing when she first came to MIT as a visiting student in 2018, and during her PhD she has had lots of fun social dancing to lindy hop, west coast swing, salsa or bachata. When not dancing, she likes to keep herself busy with climbing, tennis or another fun sport, ideally combined with hanging out with friends.
A photo of Nisarga Paul.

Nisarga Paul (Grad Student Coordinator) is a PhD student in physics studying condensed matter theory. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, hopping around different cafes, and trying to remember the steps to the shim sham.

A photo of Laura Brandt.

Laura Brandt (Webmaster) is graduate student in EECS trying to help robots learn how to see better. She's an avid dancer of international folk, contra, English country, ballroom, and swing dance styles. When she's not dancing she loves to take long walks and think about tea, puppies, Star Trek, board games, and her cat.